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Mantrac Distribution, Fortinet Int’l Hold Successful Network Protection Conference

Mantrac Distribution has held its annual conference on February 22 to discuss the latest services and offers provided by the company, in cooperation with Fortinet International, in the field of network protection and modern technology.

The conference is a continuation of Mantrac's strong support for the success of the Mantrac Distribution in the area of information technology, and especially in the network security services provided by Fortinet International.

Mantrac Distribution said that “this conference comes within the framework of the company's keenness to promote and strengthen relations with its customers in Egypt, where the company is a link between international companies and information technology workers in Egypt.

The conference showcased the latest technology in the field of network protection, in line with the huge development of networks in Egypt during the past period, in addition to the future plans that confirm Egypt’s move towards a technological breakthrough in the coming period.

A number of 2017 distinguished customers were honored during the conference, which achieved unprecedented success and interaction in terms of the number of attendees or the conference’s positive impact.