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Mantrac Distribution and IBM Business Partners event “Where Technology Meets Business”

As Egypt gears up for a technology future, several industries are ripe for disruption. In order to keep up with the exponential technological advancements the world is currently witnessing, IBM offers new technologies which seems to be gradually becoming one of the top priorities for many organizations. 

In fact, Mr. Hossam Roshdy, Mantrac Distribution General Manager, who was one of the speakers at Mantrac Distribution IBM event “Where Technology Meets Business”, recently, commented on how IBM’s prime focus in 2018 is to help Customers to achieve the business by providing new IBM technologies which improve it significantly.

IBM has many major projects across Egypt and during the event we introduced to our business partners about the use cases with recommended best practices to adopt the business and performance he needed.

But a successful implementation of IBM solutions requires a strong partnership with a technology provider that understands its intricacies and potential applications.

In light of this new disruptive technology, Mantrac Distribution and IBM together are helping their business partner in Egypt with regional and worldwide case studies of successful IBM solutions deployments. Mantrac Distribution IBM team represented by Mr. Khaled Abdel Maguid and Mr. Ahmed Hassan were offering during the event Mantrac Distribution special incentive program for business partners which is challenging and targeting new IBM customers.

Mantrac Distribution has a full company organization designed to make it flexible and adaptive to the changing and developing requirements of its’ customers, and has access to IBM’s worldwide practices, resources and knowledge bases to implement major IBM solutions in Egypt.

Today, Mantrac Distribution and IBM are joining hands together to help organizations implement IBM Solutions with Mantrac Distribution resellers.

In light of these developments, Nile Ritz Hotel was hosting Mantrac Distribution and IBM conference, “Where Technology Meets Business” on 10th of May, 2018 The conference offered unique IBM Solutions opportunities for 30+ BPs attendees which were mixed of existing and newly recruited BPs and focusing on IBM new era in IBM Solutions with SAP HANA, IBM cognitive systems and IBM solutions for Media industry.

The conference presented a range of speaker sessions through which participants are given the opportunity to meet with IBM expertise who offer business solutions that will help industry institutions reduce costs and improve efficiency and integrity.