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Trend Micro Security Predictions For 2019

Trend Micro identified the seven main areas that will be most targeted by cybercriminals in 2019 based on their analysis of the progress of current and emerging technologies, user behavior, and market trends, and their impact on the threat landscape. 


Consumers will be subject to more phishing attacks as cybercriminals are going back to exploiting a more common “operating system”: human emotions. In fact, TM predicted that Social Engineering via Phishing will replace Exploit Kits as Attack Vector. TM also predicted that breached credentials will be actively and heavily used in fraudulent transactions and that digital extortion crimes will be on the rise.


TM predicted that Home Networks in Work-From-Home Scenarios will Open Enterprises to BYOD-like Security Risks and that a few targeted attack scenarios in 2019 will make use of smart speaker weaknesses to access enterprise networks through employees’ home networks. It also said that automation will add a new layer of challenge in securing business processes against Business process compromise (BPC).


TM predicted that The Fight Against Fake News Will Buckle Under the Pressure of Various Elections. The improvements social media has made to fight fake news post-2016 will not be enough to keep up with the deluge of cyberpropaganda surrounding voting exercises in 2019. It also predicted that Innocent Victims Will Get Caught in the Crossfire As Countries Grow Their Cyber Presence.


TM predicted that Cybercriminals Will Use More Techniques to Blend and that successful exploit-based attacks will involve vulnerabilities for which patches have been available for weeks or even months but have not been applied yet. We will continue to see cases of n-day exploits being a bane in network security.


TM predicted that Real-World Attacks Targeting ICSs Will Become a Rising Concern as countries expanding their cyber capabilities will conduct attacks against smaller players’ critical infrastructure.


TM predicted that More Cloud-Related Software Vulnerabilities Will Be Discovered especially for both Docker, a containerization program, and Kubernetes, a container orchestration system, which are widely adopted for use in cloud-based deployments.


TM predicted that Cybercriminals Will Compete for Dominance in an Emerging IoT ‘Worm War’. In fact, it expects the first few real-world victims of a smart health device attack will be seniors. Companies are exploring the senior citizen customer base as potential users of smart trackers or other internet-connected health devices, such as those that monitor heart rates or send alerts to connected accounts when the elderly user slips or falls.

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