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Support Tool FAQs

What is the Support Tool? 

The Support tool is the tool created by Mantrac Distribution as an online mean of communication with our Authorized Service Center. Using the Support tool, you can:

  • Submit inquiries about warranty extensions or spare parts 
  • Raise a repair request for in-warranty or out-of-warranty machines
  • Follow-up the status of your under-repair machine

How to create a Support Ticket? 

To create a Support ticket, you will need to: 

  • Go to //www.mantrac-distribution.com/support
  • Click on Submit a New Ticket button
  • Fill-in the Form 
  • Click the Submit Ticket button

What happens after I submit a ticket?

After successfully submitting a support ticket, our service team contacts you within two business days to respond to your inquiry and advise you on how to proceed.

How to use the support tool to keep track of an under-pair machine?

On receiving your machine, our service center will update the status of your ticket with a job number. Following, you will receive a username and a password for your activated ticket. 

To track the status of your under-repair, go to the Support tool at //www.mantrac-distribution.com/support and login using the aforementioned credentials to find the last update from our Service Center.

What to do in case of needing further assistance?

In case of having any issues with the support tool, please contact us at 19266 to report your issue and the responsible team will get back to you ASAP.