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How IBM Leads Customer Satisfaction

 For the second time in a row, IBM was recognized as the overall leader in customer satisfaction for hardware support services compared to 12 different vendors on IDC's 2019 Customer Datacenter Hardware Support Survey.

IDC surveyed enterprise data center customers (500 employees and above) on 25 attributes of support services ranging from technical expertise of staff to proactive and predictive capabilities to support of legacy systems. These attributes represent the most important features that enterprises consider on deciding which type of support services agreement to purchase.

In this survey, IDC asked 1200 companies from all around the world to score their datacenter vendors based on how satisfied they were with the management and technical features of their vendor’s datacenter support services. The final results showed that IBM is the overall leader in customer satisfaction for hardware support services in comparison to twelve different vendors. IBM scored 4.27 out of 5 in Management Features and 4.28 out of 5 in Technical Features, 5 being the most important. 

How did IBM come out on top of datacenter support which includes servers, storage, networking and converged/hyperconverged systems? 

According to this survey, IBM exceled at both technical and management support. On the technical level of datacenter support services, IBM is most noted for its technical expertise and effective communication of support staff, support of operating systems and hypervisors, the ability to patch without scheduled down-time, and proactive/preventive support services. On the management level, IBM is most noted for the quick access to upgrades/updates/patches, price/cost of support, and multichannel support.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, IBM is globally regarded as the top vendor providing datacenter hardware support services. In the same context, IDC concluded that vendors need to improve the following datacenter support features: 

1- Investing in proactive and predictive capabilities and showing them to customers 

2- Investing in technical support staff training as it came out as the most important skill

3- Extending the scope of technical support to software support as datacenter solutions are becoming software defined

IBM continues to maintain its leadership in customer satisfaction with steps ahead in IDC’s recommended areas for improvement in datacenter support features as digital transformation (DX) is leading to more decentralized hybrid software-defined environments.