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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 Server

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 is a 2U rack server that has been designed to support up to four high-performance GPUs. Models of the SR670 are powered by two Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family processors and the ratio of 1:2 for CPUs to GPUs means the server is an excellent choice for the emerging requirements for HPC and AI. Four GPUs per server is the sweet spot in price-performance and the architecture of the SR670 is ideal for scale-out with both HPC and AI workloads. The server adheres to open industry standards, provides modularity for users, and avoids single points of failure. Lenovo is the leading provider of supercomputers in the TOP500. Lenovo is trusted by 17 of the world's top 25 research universities to provide scalable, high-performance solutions. The SR670 provides the latest in performance and reliability with a scalable solution for enterprise and research.

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Intel Xeon Gold 5118 12C 105W 2.3GHz .. Up to two Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family of processors. Supports Gold level processors up to 16 cores and TDP ratings up to 150W.


Intel C624 "Lewisburg" chipset


24 DIMM sockets (12 DIMMs per processor) supporting Lenovo TruDDR4 DIMMs at up to 2666 MHz. RDIMMs are supported. LRDIMMs and 3DS RDIMMs are currently not supported.

Memory maximums

With RDIMMs: Up to 768 GB with 24x 32 GB RDIMMs and two processors.

Maximum Internal Storage

Up to 16 TB using 8x 2TB SATA HDDs, or up to 12.8 TB using 8x 1.6 TB SAS SSDs. Mix of SSDs/HDDs supported.

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